Just Another Typical Welcome Post…

Hey Beauties!

This is my blog. About me. Where I go when I feel like talking and talking and talking but there is nobody to talk to. This is a blog of many topics. There shall be posts about fashion, recipes, DYI’s, my room, OTD’s, book, movie, clothing, anything reviews, and lots of other things, including Jesus! Yeahhhhhhh.

So now that you know what this is about, I am going to write down five things that I am passionate about. Ya know, so you can get to know ME better.

1. Getting dressed. Like Kimmara Lee Simons says, Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy. Ok so Actually I have no idea what that means, nor who Kimmara Lee Simons is, but I just thought I would pop that in there. The point is, I like looking nice, cuz when I look nice, I feel nice.

2. Hair. I love hair 🙂 Like another random quote says, Bad hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that! So actually I think that’s a really stupid quote because it should be flopped around, GOOD HAIR DAY, ain’t nobody got time for that….cuz honestly you don’t always have time to make your hair look perfect every day 😉

3. Reading and Watching Movies. These are some of my favorite pasttimes, and who doesn’t like a good movie? My favorites are The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Entwined for books, and The Hunger Games, Phsych, and Sherlock for movies. Oh, and Maleficent. I’m in love with that.

4. Writing. I love to write. Whether it be in a notebook, a diary, or online, I love it!

5. Jesus. Well of course, he is my stronghold!

6. Oh I know, I said 5, but I couldn’t stick with 5…cuz MUSIC! I love music!

So there are 6 things that I love with all my heart. 

If you have any questions about me, leave them in a comment! I shall answer 😀 

I hope you enjoy the posts to come!

Be fabulous!



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