Nail Designs-Fit for Spring

Hey lovelies!

Today I was bored, so instead of cleaning my room like I should have been doing, I did my nails! My inspiration was this amazing early spring that we are getting here in Washington, its so sunny and warm outside, it even got up to 66 degrees a while ago! And that was the first day of February! It’s wonderful! So I rooted through my bottles of nail polish and decided on what to do, and here is a tutorial! This is the result:

GetAttachment (7)

And here is how to do it!

GetAttachment (2)

Make sure to get rid of any nail polish already on your hand.

GetAttachment (1)

First paint on a coat of pink, I just did one coat but you can do two if you prefer.

GetAttachment (3)

Up-close of my color.

GetAttachment (4)

Next paint a couple little purple dots on top of the pink, once it’s dry.

GetAttachment (5)

While the purple is still wet, swirl in a shade of pink different from the background color so it stands out some more, doing this with a toothpick is easiest.

GetAttachment (6)

Once that is dry, use the toothpick again to paint some tiny green leaves next to the flowers.

Wait for everything to dry, and voila!

GetAttachment (7)

GetAttachment (8)

GetAttachment (9)

GetAttachment (12)

It’s quite easy and doesn’t take much time, either!

Hope you enjoyed!



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