My Thoughts On-F21





WHATEVER I just didnt know how to start out this post…

So I’ll just say it as it is, I’m going to be doing a little series about my thoughts on different brands….H&M, Aeropostale, Hollister, Wet Seal, Rue 21, etc…starting with Forever 21!

So here goes:

Forever 21 has a TON of diversity, you can go in there and find something for anybody, because they have so so so so so many different looks to choose from. You have the girly-girl, the boho chic, the punk, the “I”m Just Wearing Whatever Is In Style Right Now No Matter How Hideous It Is”, (they have a LOT of that), the more conserved, the business looks, I could go on and on and on but I’ll stop there for the sake of my readers.


They can have something totally adorable that people would really actually wear…like this…(ignore the length, ignore the length, ignore the length…I couldn’t get away with wearing that short of a dress and I don’t know any girls who would wear something that short, but if you would, that’s cool.)


And then they will have other totally adorable things like these:



I have these shoes and I’m afraid that people think these are the only shoes that I have, because I wear them 24/7/365



Ok, so there you saw stuff that people would wear. Because it’s cute. And looks nice. And fashionable.

And now we bravely venture into the dark, atrocious corners of F21 that hold the stuff of our worst fashion-disorder nightmares.




Yah you aren’t alone, I started sobbing when I saw this one too.


But really.



Ok I actually didn’t cry when I saw these, but pardon me while I go ask one of their (very sweet and helpful, I will give them that) sale assistants WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED??!?!?!

And then the sale assistant will say that she has no idea what happened, but those sure are some weird clothes…and then she will go try and comfort that little girl over there who is crying by a row of dresses, because the little girl is so concerned that her future will involve having to wear clothes like these and she doesn’t want to have to dress like that, no matter how “fashionable” it might be.

So in the end, I like Forever 21.

Like, a lot.

They are not at all expensive, they have amazing things (ahem, most of their things are amazing), the quality isn’t bad at all, even for the price. And I have a bunch of stuff from here, and I love ALL of it. BTW, their leggings are the most amazing leggings ever, they are SO comfy and $4 a pop!

Totally worth it.

So there we have it, I would give their company 4 stars.

Here’s to F21.


Until whenever…..


P.s. If I offended anybody by my opinion, I apologize deeply, but remember these were just my opinions, that shouldn’t affect anybody else’s..if you like any of that stuff that I was hating on, good for you, and wear it well 😉


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