What it’s Actually, Really, Truly Like to be Homeschooled.

So I have noticed that there are a lot of people who think that homeschooling involves wearing pajamas all day, having no social life, having absolutely no clue who Beyonce is, and having overly-protective parents who think that the Mall is the Forbidden Place.

Now there may be some homeschooled families like that.

And that’s cool, because each family has their own rules, regulations, and ideas.

But for most of us homies, it’s not like that at all. 

I am home schooled. I am not a typical cliche-homeschooler.

Sure I wear pajamas some days. But that’s very rare, because I like to look good. I know whats in style, I wear whats in style, but not because its in style, because that’s what I like.

I know names of celebrities, what they play in, who they are, etc.

I have just as many friends as any girl who attends public school.

I make frequent trips to the mall.

I have a great social life.

I am just as normal as any other girl. It’s just that I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to a place I hate and spend the whole day there, doing school.

I don’t have to deal with playground drama and bullies.

I get most of my school done in the morning, and that’s not because I don’t have a lot to do…I still do 8 subjects.

I don’t have to take Gym Class and get undressed in front of a bunch of other girls in a sweaty locker room, I can exercise whenever I feel like it how I feel like it which usually means runs or walks.

I don’t have to eat cafeteria food.

I love The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, I don’t spend my days reading school work.

Homeschooling means NO HOMEWORK!

I get more free time to do whatever.

I am homeschooled. But I am normal. 


And p.s. no matter how you are schooled….




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