Hair Inspiration: Dyes

I have never once dyed my hair, I have wanted to, and I’m considering getting it done for my 14th birthday in July if my mother consents.

I wouldn’t do anything incredibly crazy, no Mohawks or half-shaved-heads going on here, but I’ve been looking through some, and got some ideas. Tell me which one is your favorite!


I love this auburn-y color, it’s so rich!


Grey is daring, I’m not sure if I could pull it off, but it’s truly gorgeous!


I love how they mixed the grey with some purple.


If I were to do an actual color, I would do something like this, just the ends, but in a mint green or teal color. Like this…


Just not at all as much.





This has to be one of my favorites. It’s quite sophisticated.

images (24)

And beautiful Demi, she can pull off anything…


THIS. This is another option, just doing color underneath your hair, so that if one day you dont want it to show, you leave your hair down. But if you do want it to show, you can put it up! So lovely!



This is so pretty too. Reminds me of cotton candy…


And yet another teal. I wouldn’t do my whole head, that’s for sure, but this is breathtaking. I’ve been told countless times that blue, particularity mint and teal, is my color, and I happen to agree since it brings out my eyes and hair color.

download (4)


Love this one.

images (25)

If I were to truly dye my hair anytime soon, what I would end up doing is something more along the lines of this below:


If you blend those two colors together, you would have my hair color, but I like how it is an ombre thing going on. This one is definitely my favorite. Maybe a bit of color underneath it, but I don’t want it to be overwhelming with too many things going on.

Have you ever died your hair?




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