A Peek Inside my Lilly Pulitzer Binder

So I sorta have an obsession with anything Lilly Pulitzer….which of course means I freaked out when I heard that Target was doing a Spring and Summer line based on her amazing patterns, I can’t wait to see it when it comes out in April! For those of you who don’t know exactly who Lilly Pulitzer is, she is the designer of tons and tons of amazing, vibrant, beautiful patterns. Patterns like these…




They are so pretty, dontcha think?

So I recently turned one of my old, boring binders into a happy, vibrant one using these and more. It houses all of my room decor ideas and inspiration. Here is the result…

Emma 032

The front.

Emma 046

Emma 034

Emma 035

A pocket to hold random scraps.

Emma 036

Emma 040

Emma 039

Emma 002

Emma 003

Emma 005

Emma 006

I haven’t gotten very far in the notebook, but as you can see, the “details” section is for anything from paint samples to fabric swatches to discount coupons for things that I may want. And the “Inspiration” section is for magazine clips, pictures that I have printed, and basic ideas that I get anywhere…plus my note taking section. Both different sections, I covered the paper with clear plastic binder slips for durability.

I’m going to be painting my room pretty soon and am slowly but surely redoing it, so I will post a room tour once it is as close to finished as it is going to get!




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