Inspiration From the Minnies

That awkward moment when you see a picture of a 2 year old that dresses better then you….

It’s funny how we can take inspiration from basically anything; nature, food, furniture, architecture, movies, books, and so much more. One thing that I’ve been finding myself looking to for fashion inspo is…wait for it…little kids. Before you judge, take a look at these….




main.original.585x0 (1)


This little girl is 4 and she is making me feel self conscience. NOT FAIR. 

But look at the style of these kids…of course I’m sure that their mothers spend plenty of time and money picking out their outfits and doing their hair and all that, so I cant give all the credit to the children, but still.

I like how they look fashionable, but still comfortable and not too grown up for their young age. That can be the trouble with some of these, you don’t want your 2 year old to look 14…


I LOVE the sweater dress with those boots, looks so comfy! And her hair is gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for little girls with long hair…


And infinity scarfs+mini people=perfection. Her boots are fabulous, just a basic brown shortie.


I have a fur hooded coat like this, and plus a beanie, leggings, and boots=one totally adorable winter outfit.


Oh my gosh look at her! I have never liked fur vests until now…


Floral pants are the bomb.


Awww she has moccasins! And a long cardigan can go with pretty much anything as long as it is in a plain, neutral color.


The same with a simple striped top. And look at those tiny ugg boots! I should crochet myself a headband like this.


Is it weird that sometimes I like to borrow clothes from my brothers? Let’s face it, they have some actually pretty cool plaid and denim shirts….one like this, which looks amazing with rolled up sleeves. And all these aviators makes me want to dig out my own pair! This picture reminds me of Rose the Riveter.

So what do you think of these fashionable tiny people? Which outfit was your favorite?




4 thoughts on “Inspiration From the Minnies

  1. oh my gosh these kids are so adorable and they dress so well???
    i just started a fashion blog, it would be great if you’d check it out 🙂


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