101 Things to do When You’re Feeling Blue

Being sad is not fun. That’s pretty obvious. So I complied my own list of things to do when I am feeling down, or when it’s rainy and I don’t know what to do with myself. Because wet pavement make me depressed. Don’t ask.

1. Buy a whole bag of colorful mini marshmallows and eat them all. Don’t even share. 

2. Go jump in a puddle, barefoot.

3. Then go inside and put on fuzzy socks and leggings and eat the rest of those mini marshmallows.

4. Draw a picture. Even if you aren’t a good artist. Even if you can hardly make a decent stick figure.

5. Paint something.

6. Make jello, eat jello.

7. Say “bubbles” 20 times in a row, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

8. Watch this video:

9. Pet an animal.

10. Blast music and dance in your room.

11. Call your bestest of friends and talk to them for a very long time.

12. Watch videos about funny cats.

13. Write a story.

14. Get dressed up, do your hair, makeup, and wear something nice. Looking great is one step toward to feeling great.

15. Write a letter.

16. Drink tea.

17. Give somebody a hug.

18. Go on a walk and think about anything and everything.

19. Write whatever pops into your head on a piece of paper, then save that paper and read it in a year.

20. Look at funny stupid stuff on the internet.

21. Watch a sappy romance.

22. Cry.

23. Bake something fancy.

24. Make yourself into a burrito with a blanket.

25. Look in the mirror and try to imitate all of Benedict Cumberbatch’s wonderful and simply fabulous facial expressions.



26. Speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch, write a list of name parodies for him. Such as, Bettyboop Chipperclip, Baconeggs Cumberdreams, Benadryl Cucumberpatch, Beetlejuice Capncrunch, Butterscotch Cabbagepatch, etc…trust me, it’s fun.

27. And for even more Benedict fabulousness, binge watch all three seasons of Sherlock. Because who doesn’t want to do that?

28. Read a whole book in one day.

29. Do something nice for somebody else. Make them something delicious, help them with a project, etc..

30 Sing, even if your voice sounds like an Elephant playing a trombone. Sing loudly, like nobody can hear you. And don’t care what other people think.

31. Look at all those terrible old selfies on your phone and laugh. Appreciate how much you have changed.

32. Drink a milkshake. This will never fail.

33. Exercise.

34. Write a letter to your future self about all the things you hope to have accomplished then, and what you see yourself like. Put it in a good spot and read in a couple of years.

35. Climb a tree and think about life.

36. Watch a musical. Sing along.

37. Name something random, like a flower, and have a conversation with it. Don’t worry, it won’t tell your secrets.

38. Wear a tiara the whole day.

39. Try (and probably fail) to do some professional yoga. Don’t hurt yourself while attempting the splits.

40. Watch Winnie the Pooh.

41. Clean you room. Like, deep clean it. Get it all nice and shiny and decorate it for Spring.

42. Wash your sheets and hang them outside to dry. No better smell then when you get under them at night.

43. Fill a page with happy faces. Preferably with a colored marker.

44. Read over old texts or messages that you had with your favorite people.

45. Go shopping online, put every single thing that you want in your shopping cart, then check the total, laugh, and close the tab.

46. Go to a beach or lake or pond and just sit there and stare at the water. It’s really soothing.

47. Take a bath with a ridiculous amount of bubbles. Like this:


48. Pick a bouquet.

49. Play around with Google earth and marvel about how the person who lives in that house has absolutely no idea you are staring at their house right now. Maybe somebody is looking at your house right now too. 

50. Watch this video and laugh until your sides literally burst.

51. Eat food, and be thankful that food never judges you.

52. Take a long, long nap. Specifically with your feet where your head usually goes, just to change things up.

53. Find a new favorite outfit to wear with the stuff in your closet.

54. Clean out your closet and get rid of stuff, it feels like a fresh new start almost.

55. Think about the best day of your life for a long time.

56. Watch something with Johnny Depp.

57. Re-read your favorite book(s).

58. Pretend that you can fly, and jump off your bed. Remember that you can’t, you will fail. But still do it.

59. Take a bath with flower petals.

60. Eat nutella with your finger. Don’t think about the haters.

61. Listen to old Taylor Swift songs and laugh about how much her music has changed.

62. Paint your toenails.

63. Make a flower crown, with real or fake flowers.

67. Take a bunch of random pictures.

68. Write a short story.

69. Make a temporary tattoo. See how here:


70. Learn how to Roller-blade or Skate. It doesn’t take that long, and it is SO enjoyable!

71. Throw a handful of glitter in the air and let it fall all over you. It’s raining fabulousness. 

72. Vacuum your bedroom floor. I like to do this because clean floors make me happy.

73. Read one of your old diaries and marvel about how much you have changed.

74. Make chocolate chip cookie dough and then eat it.

75. Hang Christmas lights in your room to make it feel cheerful.

76. DYI something. Anything. Be creative.

77. Watch your fave Youtubers. Bethany Mota, Miranda, Superwoman, whoever you fancy.

78. Listen to HAPPY music. Not stuff that matches your mood. Christmas music too, that ALWAYS makes people happy, unless you maybe happen to be the Grinch.

79. Eat whatever chocolate you have on hand.

80. Watch Lilo and Stitch.

81. Learn how to do something you have never done before…crochet, knit, climb a tree, sew, embroider, cook a whole meal, anything.

82. Jump on your bed.

83. Make a pillow fort.

84. Talk in a British accent for the rest of the day.

85. Water any flowers in your garden/yard.

86. Go to Starbucks and order something long and fancy. Example: Hello there, I would like a Blended Iced Soy Caramel Machiatto upside down, walls of caramel, with 2 scoops of java chips, 1 scoop of mocha chips, a pump of hazelnut syrup, 1/2 pump of mocha syrup, 3 pumps of Frappiccino Roast, vanilla bean powder, 1 pump of toffee nut syrup, blend with ice, replace the milk with coconut milk, add 3 esspresso shots, top with spiced quipped cream, and criss-cross drizzle the top, alternating caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Oh and don’t forget the vanilla bean creme’ base. Actually don’t do this, you will be the most hated customer, especially by the person waiting in line behind you.

87. Light your favorite candle and sit there in the dark with it. It’s quite soothing.

88. Talk to your favorite person, whether in person, on the phone, or through social media.

89. Turn on your sprinkler and run through it in the grass. Even if it’s raining, that’s all the more fun.

90. Do something fantastic with your hair.

91. Get under your sheets and kick them up, over and over again, so it feels like you are in a balloon.

92. Eat pizza.

93. Chew bubblegum and blow bubbles.

94. Color in a coloring book.

95. Write a poem about your problems, in your best cursive.

96. Go somewhere with lots of people and look at everybody who passes by. Isn’t it funny how everybody that we see everyday has a life too? A life that we don’t know about. Maybe they are sad too. Maybe that lady who just walked by with the toddler remembers what it was like to be just like you. Maybe one of these strangers just thought something nice about you, like how lovely your hair was or what a nice nose you had.

97. Do one of your favorite things as a child. Read your favorite childhood book, eat your favorite childhood food, go to your favorite childhood spot…

98. Go to the library and stay there for a while. Sit on one of their couches and read, just forget about the world.

99. Rearrange your room.

100. Roll down a hill, like you used to do when you didn’t care if you had grass stains on your clothes or not, becuase those were concerns for your mother, not you.







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