My Birthday Wishlist-2015

Hey lovelies!

So my birthday is July 17th, only 4-ish months away, so this is the time that I like to start thinking up what to put on my wishlist. I always love reading other people’s, so I thought why not make mine public!


1. Kiss Instawave- I watched a video on how this automatic curler works, and seeing as I am a complete fail when it comes to trying to curl my hair with a normal curling iron, this seems like a great alternative! Watch the tutorial here:


2. SOHO Cosmetic Case- I love the look of this case, plus it opens up to reveal fold-out cubbies and drawers for makeup or hair accessories. Something I could definitely use…

A selection of gift cards in a store in New York on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. (© Richard B. Levine)

3. Gift Cards- Giftcards are my favorite type of gift, my ideal places being Burlington Coat Factory, F21, Target, Amazon, B&BW, or Starbucks.


4. Butter London High Tea Collection- I love all the shades in this collection, and it’s such cute packaging too!


5. Plush Stitch- Yes I have a *little* obsession with Lilo and Stitch.


6. Cotton Candy Candle- This sounds like it would smell SO amazing!


7. Rose Gold Bling Headphones-I should probably break down and just buy these already, I’ve wanted them for ages now…

download (21)

8. Bad Hair Day Beanie- No description really necessary here…


9. Bath and Body Works Paris Armour Gift Set- So lovely, and the scent is amazing also!

So there is my birthday wishlist, obviously I won’t be getting everything, but hopefully my mother will take note of this 🙂 *hint, hint…*





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