My Favorite Spring Trends for 2015

Spring is here, and I’m so happy! Bright colors, time to get out summer clothes, and warm weather starting to peak through.

Not only this, but the summer trends for 2015 are amazing this year. I put together some outfits using my favorites on Polyvore, which include pops of bright color, grid print, blazers, graphic tees, and below-the-knee skirts.

l (4)

This ensemble includes the typical black tank with a phrase on it, pops of refreshing mint in the bag and the necklace, and some contrast with the leopard print shoes.

l (2)

Different shades of Nude are also in this season, I have seen them popping up everywhere, and I paired the blazer, shoes, and watch(of a more pinkish hue) with a black tulle skirt, graphic tee, funky jewelry, and a cute clutch. Plus the cat eye sunglasses add just the right touch of vintage.

l (3)

I love the two bursts of neon green in this otherwise blank outfit. I think that the blazer and black bag add sophistication, and the phonecase, in case you can’t tell what it says, has the words “I just want to drink coffee, create stuff, and sleep.”

l (1)

Yellow and blue together also very on-trend this season, so I combined that with a fashionable pair of pointed toe pumps, a grid-print skirt, and a black short sleeve tee.

l (5)


Gingham, which is another statement this spring, is incorporated with another pop of bright color, and a pair of nude heels and bag. Overalls are another “in” item.








Here are some looks from straight off the runway, I also like the white-on-white and black-and-white look. It’s simple but can be amped up to create something more bold.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your spring wardrobe!





One thought on “My Favorite Spring Trends for 2015

  1. Thanks for putting this up, I’ve been wondering what might be “in” this season. Not that I’ll actually get my act together and wear this kinda stuff! I also got a new pair of overalls, so I’m excited to see how I can pair those up.

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