Style Inspiration: Coachella 2015-Best and Worst Looks

Hey lovelies!

Long time no post!

This past week flew by so quickly, and I realized that I only wrote one blog post! What a shame! 😦

So basically the biggest, most looked-forward to event of the Spring just happened..Coachella! For those of you who have no clue what that is, it’s basically the most popular music festival in the US taking place in~where else~California!

Get ready to see florals, fringe, and patterns galore with my favorite picks from Coachella 2015.


Let’s begin with Beyonce slaying it this Saint Laurent maxi dress, fringe vest, and black fedora.


This skirt looks like it was born and ready for twirling. Paired with heart sunglasses(because what would Coachella be without somebody sporting a pair or two of those)


A floppy hat, brown leather bag, and floaty dress make up this stylish ensemble, I love the addition of the denim she is holding, whether that be a jacket or shirt…who knows?


Kimonos, kimonos, and more kimonos…I love the pairing of this tribal print, black shortie boots, and black fedora with the lacy top.


This style is more reserved which I appreciate because it’s easier on the eyes…but it still has the pop of color with the bag, and pop of funkiness with the off-the-shoulder-top.

b313a809affca73af234f1786da2d11d (1)

This outfit ranks #1 in my favorites, it’s simple yet eye catching and looks very comfortable to boot.




This romper is so much fun! Her lipstick adds that pop of necessary color to go with the yellow and black too 🙂


This looks hard to walk in, but she rocks it! Extra points for having such flawless hair.

Now to move on to my least favorites:


Jenners, sorry to break it to you, this isn’t a funeral….it looks like Kylie took some tips from St. Lucy with that headpiece!


Let’s take Saint Lucy and make her GOTH. That sounds like a GREAT outfit idea.

Sorry nope.


Not to pick on the Jenners again, but Kendall’s denim shorts need to go.


What even…Rihanna, please spare us.


Not to mention, did somebody take a bite out of her shoulder or something? And those boots. Gahh


Whatever this is…

So what were your thoughts on Coachella this year? Which of these outfits were your favorites?



P.s. If I offended anybody by my opinion, I apologize deeply, but remember these were just my opinions, that shouldn’t affect anybody else’s..if you like any of that stuff that I was hating on, good for you, and wear it well 😉


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