April Favorites


Hey loves!

Anther month has gone by so quickly, I literally can’t believe it’s May already…I know, so cliche of me to say, but it’s really true!

So in honor of this month come and gone, here are my April favorites, things that I found myself using a lot or that I really liked for April.

photo (6)

1. F21 Floral Crew Socks-These added just the right amount of floral to my outfits this spring, I love how subtle they are but they won;t go unnoticed. You can buy them here: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=ACC&productid=2000136519

2. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Poreless Foundation-I love the the texture of this foundation, it did a great job of covering red areas on my face, the only problem is that I accidentally grabbed the wrong color as I was in a hurry when buying it, so I’m hoping to get the same foundation again just this time in the right shade for my skin.

3. Tangerine Eos Lip Balm-The perfect flavor/scent for spring, plus my lips have been quite chapped lately and this took care of that!

4. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Snow Me White-I got this polish at Target, it’s just a basic white and was only $3 but it did the job, and for being so cheap, the texture is really nice and smooth!

5. Daisy Gem Iphone Case-I ran into Claire’s the other day to see if I could find a new phone case as mine was literally falling apart (it was plastic) and this caught my eye, I don’t usually go for sparkles but I love the bump out texture of this phone case and of course the daisies are perfect for this time of year 😉

6. Tresemme Extra Control Mousse- I like to scrunch this in my hair after a shower because it gives my hair a lovely texture. Being naturally curly haired, I can have 10 different types of curls in my hair at once…frizzy, ringlets, beach waves, straight parts, etc..which makes for a crazy head of hair, but this gives it all the same type of curl which is a big relief.

7. H&M Simple Striped Long Sleeve Shirt-This is just your typical knit long sleeve, but I love the black stripes on it, this versatile top goes with so many things, and every girl should have at least one simple striped top in her wardrobe.




4 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I have been dying to try the Fit me foundation but I’m scared because of my dry skin. Does it feel drying throughout the day? Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post! I love H&M classic shirts. They’re so comfortable.

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    • For my skin it has been slightly drying, but really nothing drastic, what I like to do is put on the foundation and then carefully rub a thin layer of lotion over that, it helps to blend everything in and it saves my skin from drying also. All in all though, this isn’t a super-drying foundation. And yes their shirts are my favorite 🙂

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