How to Consume More Water-5 ways

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Keeping hydrated is so very important, especially as the hotter months creep up on us, but with busy schedules it can be tough to remember to consume enough water. Not only is water obviously needed to survive, but it plays an important part in keeping our nails, hair, and skin looking clean and clear.

Tip 1. While drinking plain water is fine, it can get boring. So what I like to do is infuse my water with various ingredients, and voila, I actually want to drink it. 

photo 1 (34)

For the first cup, I cut frozen cherries in half and tore up edible flower petals, which results in a light, fruity drink. Plus, the frozen fruit doubles as ice cubes!

For cup no. 2, I sliced cucumbers into rounds, added whole basil sprigs, and a couple squirts of lemon juice to keep the vegetables from wilting.

And for the final glass, I combined orange segments, a splash of vanilla extract, and cinnamon sticks for a slightly heavier beverage.

My favorite out of these three would have to be the cucumber+basil. It’s so refreshing on a hot day!

Tip 2. Drink in smaller amounts, more often.

photo 2 (37)

This mint green drink dispenser that my mom found at the thrift store is so perfect for holding infused water. It’s so much fun to drink out of!

photo 1 (35)

Challenge yourself to drink 3 small cups of water per hour. If you drink out of something this cute, it won’t be easy to forget!

photo 3 (33)

Tip 3-Water on the go is always a good idea. I try to keep a water bottle in my purse at all times for when I’m thirsty and there isn’t any available at the moment. Maybe even try out a fancy water bottle, that can inspire you to drink more, because who doesn’t like drinking out of something fancy?



You’ll feels so snazzy pulling one of these out of your bag..

HA! I bet you were expecting a plastic bottle, random strangers around me…


Tip 4-Eat your water! No, I’m not talking with a fork and knife, I mean with foods like celery, watermelon, or cucumbers, which you can eat as a snack, and not only are you consuming more water but you are also eating healthier!

Tip 5-Drink with a straw. So simple, but you know it’s way more fun then just drinking out of a glass.


Also, read stuff like this. It makes you thirsty.




6 thoughts on “How to Consume More Water-5 ways

  1. Excellent tips! It’s really weird but I’ve always found a straw does make all the difference, especially in a water bottle. I keep mine next to me all day and just drink it out of habit!

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