My Nightly Facial Care Routine

Hello loves!

Each night I have a routine to keep my face clean and clear that I have decided to share with you today! I use 6 different products, 4 for my skin and two for my lips. All of these work great for me personally, although other faces might have different results. Let’s get started!

photo (7)

Step 1. I use this St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub to remove any makeup off of my face, it does a great job, feels great on the skin, and has the perfect-grainy-smooth texture that you would expect from a facial scrub. Not only that, but the apricot scent is amazing so I find myself actually looking forward to using it.

Step 2: Next I cleanse my face with Clearasil Daily Face wash. This really leaves skin soft and clean, and oil free.

Step 3:  After washing my face with Clearasil, a soft rag, and splashing it with water, I instantly apply my Matrix Biolage Body Lotion onto my wet face. The scent smells like fresh leaves, and it moisturizes so well. Another option is Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer, I like to use that as well since my Matrix has been running out.

Step 4: Next (sorry that you can’t see this next product very well) I use the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne cream, this really helps to remove any traces of stubborn acne anywhere on my face, keeping it clear and smooth. I apply this on my chin, nose, under my nose, and forehead.

Step 5: After my skin is finished, I end the process with first a layer of Eos Lip Balm, and finally my Carmex Lip balm. They both keep lips soft and luscious.

Here are the stock photos to allow you to see the products more clearly:


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Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Do you have any special products that work magic for you?




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