How To Be Attractive

There are so many different ideas of beauty in today’s world, it can be confusing to keep up with the latest “what’s considered beautiful now.” It can depend on anything, from country to race to size. But should any of this matter? Absolutely not. Because guess what. You are lovely. And you are lovely. You are lovely. Hey you…you are lovely. That person over there…HI THERE!!! YOU ARE LOVELY! ALL OF YOU ARE LOVELY! WE ARE ALL LOVELY! Whether you be a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, an alien, an elf or a dwarf, hey maybe you are a hobbit or a fairy, who cares…cuz you are beautiful and perfect and just think about how lucky you are to have an amazing body that you can do so many things with. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like. Curly or straight. It doesnt matter what your skin looks like…black or brown or white or in-between or red or pink or purple or green or rainbow.  YOU. ARE. BLESSED. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. DON’T LET THEM HATERS TELLING YOU OTHERWISE GET TO YOU. Because I think that everybody deserves a chance to realize just how amazing they are, no matter what their face or body looks like. But remember, there is more to beauty then just a pretty face. It’s not just our outward beauty that we should focus on, since there is so much more to a human being then just looks. Just consider yourself lucky to be alive and on this amazing earth. YOU are worth being celebrated.

So here is how to be attractive, no matter who you are:

1. Go to the nearest mirror. 

2. Look at yourself and point out all your insecurities in your head.

3. Create a tiny little trash bin in your brain.

4. Toss all those insecurities in the garbage, to be taken to the nearest dump and thrown away to never be seen again.

5. Look at yourself again, now that those insecurities are elsewhere.

6. Realize how amazing it is that you have this perfect body the the good Lord blessed you with, ponder all the amazing things you can do with it, realize how spectacular that really is, and be thankful. Because while you are beautiful, there is more to you then just a pretty face, right? YOU ARE AMAZING.

Now take a chance to look at all these amazing beautiful people.

img-thing (8)

This girl? Totally stunning.


This girl? Gorgeous.




This lady is dazzling…look at that smile!


Slaying ittttt😍😍


Look at this beauty :O

images (59)

Positively glamorous, dontcha think?


Lovely ❤


Getting jealous here…

download (29)

This lady is perfect. Those eyebrows though…


Such a pretty little girl…look at that sweet smile 🙂

download (30)

Blinded by beauty :O






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