Fashion Inspiration-The 60’s

Good afternoon loves!

I love looking back on different eras for fashion inspiration, and in my opinion, the 60’s were quite the time for style. The flippy hair, short dresses, bold prints, bell bottoms, mismatched patterns, etc…

There were definitely two opposite sides to 60’s fashion. The early 60’s were more in favor of the 50’s, while the later 60’s was where the fun and funky came in.

While there is no way that I would dress identical to 60’s trends way back when, there are some great ideas and looksd that we can steal to add some spice to our everyday outfits.



This photograph contains so much lightheartedness and fun, not to mention their totally boss sense of style. The hats are fabulous, not to mention the cuts of their dresses.

images (5)

Those sunglasses though. The 60’s were definitely the era for big and bold sunglasses, in plenty of different shapes.


I’ve noticed a lot of vertical stripes going on, along with the other prints, and they really stand out. Striped always flatter a complexion, especially vertical, as they give the illusion of a long, thing figure.



60’s inspired runway fashions are shown here. I feel like Blumarine did a wonderful job bringing out the elements of the late 60’s here, with the short, color blocked dresses and matching boots, in a much less form fitting shape. I especially like the dress on the far right, it really does justice to the era with the crochet texture and eye catching solid color.


Yellow seems to have been a really popular color in that decade, which I love, especially with it also being favored on and off runways this past spring.



Houndstooth and the man’s high necked shirt. The lace up boots, the coat and shaggy bangs really screams “very late 60’s,”  possibly even early 70’s.


Another trend that I have noticed in almost all of these photos is the kitten heels. They are so dainty and sweet, and add a more reserved sense to the outfits.

For me, the two biggest style icons for the 60’s are, quite obviously, Audrey Hepburn, although the other one is actually a quite popular singer from today, as well as one of my personal favorites…Lana Del Rey. She takes elements from this era and transforms them to have a more modern tone, although her beautiful music and gorgeous outfits are still full of the 60’s vibe. (If you want to hear an example, my two personal favorites are Diet Mountain Dew and Young and Beautiful)



This dress is more form fitting then most in the 60’s, but the shoes and the hair add the touches necessary to complete the look 🙂




I love this look so much. The fur skirt is so funky, but the sophisticated jacket and peplum top tie it all together.


images (61) (62)


This look reminds me of something that a tennis player would wear. And those chairs. I want one.

images (63)




I really love this outfit and feel like it is something that I would wear. Not to mention I have never seen a grown woman pull of pigtails so well. Gorgeous!




Both of these photos have such a whimsical yet mysterious feel to them. I love the backgrounds, they truly make me want to live in the 60’s! Her dresses are gorgeous, the soft pastels add such a relaxed feeling.




Lana Del Rey really is a 60’s fashion icon.

After studying all of these photographs, I have collected some clothing pieces that I feel reflect the vibes of the 60’s, while still having a modern feel to them.



Striped Overall Shorts-F21-$25

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Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses-ASOS-$18.50

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Laddered Cut-Out Shift Dress-F21-$19.90

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Clashist Sand Are Shift Dress-F21-$135

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Crepe Shift Dress-F21-$22.80

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download (34)

Lauren Ralph Lauren Floppy Sunhat-Lord & Taylor-$15.75

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download (35)

The Music Seen Sunglasses-Modcloth-$14

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download (36)

Houndstooth Puff Sleeve Overcoat-Melodic Day-$50

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$_35 (1)

Bow Toe Kitten Heels-Ebay-$42

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Pointed Toe Lace up Kitten Heels-Jolly Chic-$61

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Bell Sleeve Blouse-F21-$15.80

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Lace up Tall Gladiator Sandals-Charlotte Russe-$36

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Hope you enjoyed and got some helpful 60’s style tips! 🙂








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