About Emma

Hey Beauties!

I’m Emma, and this is the page all about ME!

I’m 13.

I love cats.

And sequin-y stuff, shopping, sketching, decorating my room, blogging, (obviously) reading, watching movies, walking and running, eating, spending copious amounts of time on the internet, (except I usually don’t get away with that), swimming, disney, Starbucks, nutella, and JESUS!! Lots of other things too, but that list would literally be a mile long so I won’t name everything.




That’s mwah.

So if you have any questions about me, leave a comment asking them and I will do my best to answer them!

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “About Emma

  1. Oh my gosh! I feel like ahhh! End of the year exams have taken over my life! I haven’t been on your blog in a month. I felt something missing in my life. Then I realized that it was your blog! I squeaked in five minutes of study time ( don’t tell my mom) to catch up on many posts tonight! I love your new blog! This place has turned out FABULOUS!
    Missed you so much,


    • Julia you are the best 😀 I have missed you too, your comments always made me smile, especially this one!!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, they mean so much! And good luck on your exams 😉


  2. Thank you! Guess what! I making a blog! I can decide on a name though 😦 It will be like an american girl/ random diy blog. Got any ideas! Thanks!


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