Recent Obsession: Gold Jewelry

Hello lovely readers!

I have had a recent obsession (and by recent I mean in the past couple months) with gold/bronze jewelry, so today I am showing you some of my favorite, most versatile pieces. Only about 6 months ago, anything gold I considered old fashioned and ugly, I basically only wore silver jewelry. Thankfully that has changed, I now consider it beautiful and it matches with so many things! I love wearing it, using it as accents for decorating, anything!

photo 5

So these are 9 of my favorite, most used pieces, counting the earring set as just one piece.

photo 1 (41)

I bought this only about 2 weeks ago but I am IN LOVE. It is so simple that it goes with anything, adding just enough detail without stealing the show. I got this from Forever 21 for around $4, so it was a steal.

photo 3 (39)

This chunky necklace I found on Ebay back in March, and instantly bought it because I fell in love with it. For only $3, it is quite good quality and has never once broken nor had the gems come off, so I have been pleased with this necklace. I love wearing it with anything denim, whether it be a dress or just jeans or a denim shirt.

photo 4 (35)

I have gotten so many compliments on this necklace ever since I bought it from Claire’s in April, it was on their dollar rack and I knew I had to have it. Its a really versatile necklace and goes with so many things, and I love how the pieces are separated instead of being just stuck together.

photo 1 (42)

This is one of my very favorites, it’s a statement bracelet from the Katy Perry Prism collection at Claire’s. It’s very chunky which is something I love in jewelry, but it is still subtle. I bought this back in December which I think started my love for gold jewelry.

photo 2 (44)

As you can see, I have gotten most of my gold jewelry collection from Claire’s, this was also on the clearance rack, it’s really simple but still adds a touch of rebel to a more reserved outfit.

photo 3 (40)

I love these earrings because they shimmer so much in the sunshine and really catch eyes. Plus, who doesn’t love to wear dangly earrings?

photo 4 (36)

This was another eye-catching piece from the prism collection by Katy Perry, just a simple wrap-around ring with a couple gemstones in the triangles.

photo (14)

These earrings I got from Forever 21 has you can see by the label, and they might just be my best purchase from them yet. I haven’t had any problem with them falling out or moving around, which has happened a lot with earrings from other places, and I got 12 pairs for $6! I am in love with all of them, they add a great touch to any outfit 🙂

What is your favorite type of jewelry?




Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Nail Polish Review

Hey lovelies!

Hope that your week has been fabulous so far 🙂

Like I promised, here is my review for my new-favorite nail polish this spring, the Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors from Target.

photo 1 (39)

photo 2 (41)

photo 3 (37)

I have found that this brand of nail polish is surprisingly well made for the price ($1.99 each) and it goes on beautifully smooth. The polish usually lasts for 4 days without chipping, although with a top coat it has lasted over a week.

photo 4 (32)

The color is a mixture between a sky blue and a periwinkle, which is really the perfect shade for spring. I used two coats which was the perfect amount, it left it smooth and covered fully. The drying time is also amazingly quick, it took about 2 minutes. I love that this adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit, while not being too bright or distracting 🙂 I would definitely give this polish 5 stars!

photo 5 (29)

Selfie break ;P



P.s. These opinions were mine and mine only, this post was not sponsored by Sinful Colors or Target 🙂

OOTD-Conference Wear

Good morning!

This past weekend I went to a writers conference with my mom, my friend Beka, and her mom. Both of our moms are writers, and are part of a writing group, so once a year there is this big two day conference which me and Beka help with. It’s quite a lot of fun and we get to meet some famous authors, but the best part is decided what to wear. For day 2 I had Beka take some pictures of my outfit to show you all, hope you enjoy 🙂

photo 1 (36)

photo 2 (38)

photo 5 (27)

photo 3 (36)

This photo makes me look shorter then I am XP

photo 4 (31)

photo 2 (39)

photo 3 (35)

photo 4 (30)

Kimono-H&M~Jeans-Burlington Coat Factory~Grey Tank-Justice~Wedge Sneakers-Ebay~All Jewelry-Claire’s

//Behind The Scenes\\

photo (9)

My delightful friend Beka..

photo (8)




Au Natural

Hello loves! Today I went out into the woods near my home to have a photoshoot and show off my new kimono. I decided to leave my hair natural, I didnt do a thing to it, which was hard because my hair is a curly mess unless I work with it a bit…so that was brave of me.

How has your weather been?

photo 1 (27)

photo 2 (29)

photo 3 (26)

photo 4 (23)

photo 1 (33)

photo 2 (35)

photo 3 (27)

photo 5 (21)

photo 2 (31)

photo 3 (28)

photo 5 (22)

photo 1 (30)

photo 4 (26)

photo 5 (22)

photo 5 (23)

photo 2 (33)

photo 1 (31)

photo 4 (27)

photo 5 (24)

photo 2 (34)

photo 1 (32)

Kimono-Burlington Coat Factory~Shoes-F21-Shorts-Thrift Store~Tank-JCP~-Necklace-Claire’s



April Favorites


Hey loves!

Anther month has gone by so quickly, I literally can’t believe it’s May already…I know, so cliche of me to say, but it’s really true!

So in honor of this month come and gone, here are my April favorites, things that I found myself using a lot or that I really liked for April.

photo (6)

1. F21 Floral Crew Socks-These added just the right amount of floral to my outfits this spring, I love how subtle they are but they won;t go unnoticed. You can buy them here:

2. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Poreless Foundation-I love the the texture of this foundation, it did a great job of covering red areas on my face, the only problem is that I accidentally grabbed the wrong color as I was in a hurry when buying it, so I’m hoping to get the same foundation again just this time in the right shade for my skin.

3. Tangerine Eos Lip Balm-The perfect flavor/scent for spring, plus my lips have been quite chapped lately and this took care of that!

4. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Snow Me White-I got this polish at Target, it’s just a basic white and was only $3 but it did the job, and for being so cheap, the texture is really nice and smooth!

5. Daisy Gem Iphone Case-I ran into Claire’s the other day to see if I could find a new phone case as mine was literally falling apart (it was plastic) and this caught my eye, I don’t usually go for sparkles but I love the bump out texture of this phone case and of course the daisies are perfect for this time of year 😉

6. Tresemme Extra Control Mousse- I like to scrunch this in my hair after a shower because it gives my hair a lovely texture. Being naturally curly haired, I can have 10 different types of curls in my hair at once…frizzy, ringlets, beach waves, straight parts, etc..which makes for a crazy head of hair, but this gives it all the same type of curl which is a big relief.

7. H&M Simple Striped Long Sleeve Shirt-This is just your typical knit long sleeve, but I love the black stripes on it, this versatile top goes with so many things, and every girl should have at least one simple striped top in her wardrobe.



Style Inspiration: Coachella 2015-Best and Worst Looks

Hey lovelies!

Long time no post!

This past week flew by so quickly, and I realized that I only wrote one blog post! What a shame! 😦

So basically the biggest, most looked-forward to event of the Spring just happened..Coachella! For those of you who have no clue what that is, it’s basically the most popular music festival in the US taking place in~where else~California!

Get ready to see florals, fringe, and patterns galore with my favorite picks from Coachella 2015.


Let’s begin with Beyonce slaying it this Saint Laurent maxi dress, fringe vest, and black fedora.


This skirt looks like it was born and ready for twirling. Paired with heart sunglasses(because what would Coachella be without somebody sporting a pair or two of those)


A floppy hat, brown leather bag, and floaty dress make up this stylish ensemble, I love the addition of the denim she is holding, whether that be a jacket or shirt…who knows?


Kimonos, kimonos, and more kimonos…I love the pairing of this tribal print, black shortie boots, and black fedora with the lacy top.


This style is more reserved which I appreciate because it’s easier on the eyes…but it still has the pop of color with the bag, and pop of funkiness with the off-the-shoulder-top.

b313a809affca73af234f1786da2d11d (1)

This outfit ranks #1 in my favorites, it’s simple yet eye catching and looks very comfortable to boot.




This romper is so much fun! Her lipstick adds that pop of necessary color to go with the yellow and black too 🙂


This looks hard to walk in, but she rocks it! Extra points for having such flawless hair.

Now to move on to my least favorites:


Jenners, sorry to break it to you, this isn’t a funeral….it looks like Kylie took some tips from St. Lucy with that headpiece!


Let’s take Saint Lucy and make her GOTH. That sounds like a GREAT outfit idea.

Sorry nope.


Not to pick on the Jenners again, but Kendall’s denim shorts need to go.


What even…Rihanna, please spare us.


Not to mention, did somebody take a bite out of her shoulder or something? And those boots. Gahh


Whatever this is…

So what were your thoughts on Coachella this year? Which of these outfits were your favorites?



P.s. If I offended anybody by my opinion, I apologize deeply, but remember these were just my opinions, that shouldn’t affect anybody else’s..if you like any of that stuff that I was hating on, good for you, and wear it well 😉

Lilly Pulitzer Target Release-My Favorites

Hey beauties!

Target released their Lilly Pulitzer line yesterday and according to reports it was C-R-A-Z Y…including stores selling out within literally minutes of the release,  and even some ridiculous name calling and a fist fight or two over a dress…so before I go on, remember people, it’s only clothes. Don’t lose your dignity over them. 

To continue.

I definitely have some favorites, I’m hoping to go to Target tomorrow to see if I can find anything left over, but I don’t have my hopes up on actually finding anything that wasn’t already snatched up.

Without further ado, my favorites out of the collection.



I can see wearing this springy romper to so many places, whether it be the beach, a shopping trip, or just a walk in the park.


This kimono cover up is so pretty, I love the fringe on the sleeves.


I have a love for pom pom shorts, especially this summery blue pair! The gold drawstring detail adds a touch of sophistication, too.




I absolutely adore the gold toe on these! So adorable!


Pineapples!!!! I’m loving how this line is combining the fun floral prints and the gold details. It goes together so well.


This bracelet has such a fun, funky design!





These plates are screaming “EAT OFF OF ME!”


Yes I know this is a juicer, but I would end up using it for little earrings and things…



More pompoms!!



This would be so fun to carry cosmetics in for traveling or even just a sleepover!

17064254    17064242

I might be picking these up tomorrow if they are there…so sweet, and only $5 for a pack!

So those are my favorites out of the limited edition Lilly+Target collection, do you have any favorites? Have you seen it in stores or bought anything!



Easter Inspiration Take Two

Yesterday I gave you ideas for your Easter outfit tomorrow, but something I realized is that I only focused on more girly outifts. And not everybody likes to wear a pastel dress and a statement necklace. So today I give you….Easter outfits, 5 different ways.

First we have…

1. Funky


2. The More Modern


3. The Slightly Punk


4. The Girly-girl


5. The Boho


So hopefully this will help in some last minute Easter outfit inspo!



Easter Outfit Ideas

I’m so excited for this Sunday! Easter is my favorite holiday, not only because of pretty pastels and flowers and decorated eggs and green grass and sunshine and chocolate bunnies, but also because it’s a reminder that JESUS IS ALIVE and I am SO thankful for that. Plus there is always the fun of wearing a pretty dress and doing my hair fancier then usual 😉

If you don’t already have your Easter outfit planned out, here is some inspiration for you.

Step 1: The Dress


This dress from Kohls:

images (30)

This floral maxi from F21:


This adorable boho print cami dress:



And both of these sweet lace numbers from Burlington Coat Factory:–273768010.aspx?scrolli=9202&search=lace+dress&page=6–212693544.aspx?h=57576%2c57649%2c57657

Step 2: Accessorize

download (11)


Cute and springy hair bows from Icing:


Silver and gold Midi Rings, also from Icing:


A sweet daisy crown from F21:


A simple black fedora from F21:



A chunky statement necklace:


A sweet, springy statement bracelet from H&M:


Step 3: Hairstyle


A side corn-row is always an adorable touch.


Or a waterfall braid…


Or perhaps a sophisticated updo is more your thing. Springy curls on the side always add a touch of winsome.


An upside down braided bun is quite simple to do, and always eye catching.


I love this ponytail!


And this slightly boho look can go with anything, especially a maxi dress.

Step 4: Nails

download (12)


I love this sweet little floral pattern, it reminds me of the nails I did on myself a couple weeks ago 🙂



Blush pink is always a good idea.

download (13)

Refreshing mint green is such a fun, Easter-y color!

rimmel rags to riches 3

This is one of my favorite polishes I have, and while you don’t instantly think “SPRING!” when you see it, I tend to always use it for Easter, as it tones down the pastels a bit but still looks amazing.

Step 5: Shoes


Crochet Cap Toed Oxford:


Mint eyelet City Sneaks:


Denim Textured Wedge Heel:


Lace up strappy wedges:


T-Strap Colorful Sandals:


So add what touches you like to make it yours, and voila, Easter here I come. 

Hope this helps!