Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera Review

Hey lovelies!

So I am super duper excited today to share this post with ya’ll….

Like really really excited

Cuz even though I bought this fabulous piece of plastic about a month ago and only got around to doing this review now, I’m still so freaking excited about it.

So let’s get on and get all this excitement out of me.

I bought an Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera and today I am going to be reviewing it!!!


Here’s my pretty little Polaroid…

Yes I got the white, yes I know I’m boring because of it…

Especially when there were so many cute pastels to choose from. But I couldn’t choose between yellow and blue so I got white. And I regret nothing.

Plus it’s more of a cream then a white, which would have been my ideal color originally…



Here is the back. The tab where you insert the film seems to be a different shade of white then the rest of the camera, which I found odd, but it doesn’t bother me. This might just be normal for all the Instax Polaroids.

The little black square at the top right is where you look through to take the picture. It’s really small so hopefully you have good eyesight, but it hasn’t been a problem at all since I can still see the picture I’m taking just fine.


Side view. The little sticky-outy-button at the bottom is what you push in to turn on the camera. Pretty simple.


Once you press that little sticky-outy-button in, this pops out and the camera is on. To turn the camera off you simply push that back in with your finger, just avoid touching the little screen.


These are the camera settings. If you go out into bright sunlight, the little red light will change to a sunshine symbol, and you should twist the dial to it so that the picture you take will turn out good quality for the sunshine. If it’s a cloudy day, the little light will switch to the cloud symbol, which will make the picture turn out better quality for a a darker setting..etc, etc. It is always best to use the setting that the camera suggests as it really does know what it is doing ;P


And this, my lovely readers, is where the magical pictures print out instantly. So just a warning, once you take the picture, it will instantly print out, so there are no second chances to make sure that you like your photograph. And get used to the idea of wasting film because it will happen, there will be mistakes in some pictures. As soon as the Polaroid comes out, it will take up to 4 minutes to develop, which is something that I did not know when I took my first picture, so I was really confused as to why there was just a plain white Polaroid with no picture on it. I have found that the pictures develop better/faster in light, whether from the sun or from a light bulb. And some people say not to shake the picture once it prints, but mine have developed faster/better if I do so.

So I guess it depends.


These are just three of the 48-ish pictures I have taken, but you can see how they turn out. The middle one was in sunlight, which never turn out as well. But it’s a pineapple in case you couldn’t tell ;P BUT AREN’T THEY SO CUTE AND VINTAGE-Y?


A Polaroid compared to my hand. In my opinion they are the perfect size, not too big and not too small 🙂

IMG_1128 (1)

This is the box the film comes in.


This is the container that the film rests in, it is just a simple black case which you insert into the camera.

IMG_1130 (1)

You simply open up the back and pop it in, you can see at the top right there is a little yellow tab, you want to line that up with the yellow tab on the camera.


Like so.


Close up of the picture-taker 😀


And another close up with the picture taker actually on.

So overall this camera was one of my best purchases ever, especially for the price. I found it on Amazon for $72, which wasn’t at all bad, but the film is the most pricey, being $43 for 60 films. It has been completely worth it though, I enjoy my Polaroid so much and can’t wait to buy some more film so I can take more pictures!

I would rate this item a 9.5 out of 10, being that the pictures could turn out better quality, but I guess that’s what I get for a $72 camera!

If you are considering buying one of your own and have any questions, feel free to ask me about it in the comments so I can answer them and hopefully help you out! 🙂