Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera Review

Hey lovelies!

So I am super duper excited today to share this post with ya’ll….

Like really really excited

Cuz even though I bought this fabulous piece of plastic about a month ago and only got around to doing this review now, I’m still so freaking excited about it.

So let’s get on and get all this excitement out of me.

I bought an Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera and today I am going to be reviewing it!!!


Here’s my pretty little Polaroid…

Yes I got the white, yes I know I’m boring because of it…

Especially when there were so many cute pastels to choose from. But I couldn’t choose between yellow and blue so I got white. And I regret nothing.

Plus it’s more of a cream then a white, which would have been my ideal color originally…



Here is the back. The tab where you insert the film seems to be a different shade of white then the rest of the camera, which I found odd, but it doesn’t bother me. This might just be normal for all the Instax Polaroids.

The little black square at the top right is where you look through to take the picture. It’s really small so hopefully you have good eyesight, but it hasn’t been a problem at all since I can still see the picture I’m taking just fine.


Side view. The little sticky-outy-button at the bottom is what you push in to turn on the camera. Pretty simple.


Once you press that little sticky-outy-button in, this pops out and the camera is on. To turn the camera off you simply push that back in with your finger, just avoid touching the little screen.


These are the camera settings. If you go out into bright sunlight, the little red light will change to a sunshine symbol, and you should twist the dial to it so that the picture you take will turn out good quality for the sunshine. If it’s a cloudy day, the little light will switch to the cloud symbol, which will make the picture turn out better quality for a a darker setting..etc, etc. It is always best to use the setting that the camera suggests as it really does know what it is doing ;P


And this, my lovely readers, is where the magical pictures print out instantly. So just a warning, once you take the picture, it will instantly print out, so there are no second chances to make sure that you like your photograph. And get used to the idea of wasting film because it will happen, there will be mistakes in some pictures. As soon as the Polaroid comes out, it will take up to 4 minutes to develop, which is something that I did not know when I took my first picture, so I was really confused as to why there was just a plain white Polaroid with no picture on it. I have found that the pictures develop better/faster in light, whether from the sun or from a light bulb. And some people say not to shake the picture once it prints, but mine have developed faster/better if I do so.

So I guess it depends.


These are just three of the 48-ish pictures I have taken, but you can see how they turn out. The middle one was in sunlight, which never turn out as well. But it’s a pineapple in case you couldn’t tell ;P BUT AREN’T THEY SO CUTE AND VINTAGE-Y?


A Polaroid compared to my hand. In my opinion they are the perfect size, not too big and not too small 🙂

IMG_1128 (1)

This is the box the film comes in.


This is the container that the film rests in, it is just a simple black case which you insert into the camera.

IMG_1130 (1)

You simply open up the back and pop it in, you can see at the top right there is a little yellow tab, you want to line that up with the yellow tab on the camera.


Like so.


Close up of the picture-taker 😀


And another close up with the picture taker actually on.

So overall this camera was one of my best purchases ever, especially for the price. I found it on Amazon for $72, which wasn’t at all bad, but the film is the most pricey, being $43 for 60 films. It has been completely worth it though, I enjoy my Polaroid so much and can’t wait to buy some more film so I can take more pictures!

I would rate this item a 9.5 out of 10, being that the pictures could turn out better quality, but I guess that’s what I get for a $72 camera!

If you are considering buying one of your own and have any questions, feel free to ask me about it in the comments so I can answer them and hopefully help you out! 🙂


I’m Back! And The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hey loves!

So after taking a couple week break from blogging, I’m going to hopefully be back to regular now 🙂 I have been very very very busy as of late and will continue to be so for a while now but I am going to make an effort to post more often 😛

I have a lot of posts in mind so stay tuned for some exciting stuff 🙂

For now I am going to be doing an award that I was nominated for by The Joys of Julia, named “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”


First I will be answering her questions, then creating 10 questions of my own and nominating other people to do it!

1. Favorite Book? I’m going to say the whole Hunger Games series 🙂 

2. Favorite Color? the color of my soul. 

3. Favorite Food? Frozen Yogurt!!

4. Favorite Movie? Phantom of the Opera by far. 

5. Inspiration for blog name? That’s a good question…and I honestly have no clue, I just thought it up randomly…

6. Favorite Song? Either Wonderland by Taylor Swift or Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. Centuries by Fall Out Boy is another favorite 🙂 

7. Chocolate or Candy? IDEK…I guess chocolate! 

8. What is the latest you’ve stayed up at night? Roughly 6 in the morning I think. 

9. Favorite Quote? “To live is a beautiful thing.”

10. Favorite Sport? Soccer or basketball, although I don’t play in any teams.

So now for my questions:

1. What is your favorite TV show?

2. One item of technology that you couldn’t live without?

3. Favorite Starbucks drink?

4. If you had to live with only one makeup product, which would it be?

5. Curly or straight hair?

6. The best compliment you have ever received.

7. Who was the last person you hugged?

8. If you had to get a completely new name, including middle and last, what would you change it to?

9. Three of your biggest fears?

10. Favorite quote? (Sorry Julia, I coped you ;P)

I’m nominating everybody who would like to be nominated, so feel free to answer these questions on your blog 🙂 Once oyu are done answering, think up 10 of your own questions and nominate 10 or more other people.



Recent Obsession: Gold Jewelry

Hello lovely readers!

I have had a recent obsession (and by recent I mean in the past couple months) with gold/bronze jewelry, so today I am showing you some of my favorite, most versatile pieces. Only about 6 months ago, anything gold I considered old fashioned and ugly, I basically only wore silver jewelry. Thankfully that has changed, I now consider it beautiful and it matches with so many things! I love wearing it, using it as accents for decorating, anything!

photo 5

So these are 9 of my favorite, most used pieces, counting the earring set as just one piece.

photo 1 (41)

I bought this only about 2 weeks ago but I am IN LOVE. It is so simple that it goes with anything, adding just enough detail without stealing the show. I got this from Forever 21 for around $4, so it was a steal.

photo 3 (39)

This chunky necklace I found on Ebay back in March, and instantly bought it because I fell in love with it. For only $3, it is quite good quality and has never once broken nor had the gems come off, so I have been pleased with this necklace. I love wearing it with anything denim, whether it be a dress or just jeans or a denim shirt.

photo 4 (35)

I have gotten so many compliments on this necklace ever since I bought it from Claire’s in April, it was on their dollar rack and I knew I had to have it. Its a really versatile necklace and goes with so many things, and I love how the pieces are separated instead of being just stuck together.

photo 1 (42)

This is one of my very favorites, it’s a statement bracelet from the Katy Perry Prism collection at Claire’s. It’s very chunky which is something I love in jewelry, but it is still subtle. I bought this back in December which I think started my love for gold jewelry.

photo 2 (44)

As you can see, I have gotten most of my gold jewelry collection from Claire’s, this was also on the clearance rack, it’s really simple but still adds a touch of rebel to a more reserved outfit.

photo 3 (40)

I love these earrings because they shimmer so much in the sunshine and really catch eyes. Plus, who doesn’t love to wear dangly earrings?

photo 4 (36)

This was another eye-catching piece from the prism collection by Katy Perry, just a simple wrap-around ring with a couple gemstones in the triangles.

photo (14)

These earrings I got from Forever 21 has you can see by the label, and they might just be my best purchase from them yet. I haven’t had any problem with them falling out or moving around, which has happened a lot with earrings from other places, and I got 12 pairs for $6! I am in love with all of them, they add a great touch to any outfit 🙂

What is your favorite type of jewelry?



Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation Review

My most recent favorite foundation/concealer as of late has been by far the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless. It provides great coverage for anything from a simple red area on your face to a pimple or any other blemish, I have been so pleased with it that I decided to give you guys a review today 🙂 I was so pleased, in fact, that when I first bought it in a shade that ended up being too dark for my face, I went back and got the right color because I loved the texture and smoothness so much.

photo 1 (40)

Here is the bottle, I got it for $6 at Walmart in the “Natural Ivory” shade. The first time I bought it, I got it in the “Original Ivory” but that was just a tad too dark. I am a pretty pale person, but not ghostly so, and the Natural Ivory matches my skin exactly 🙂

photo 3 (38)

photo 4 (33)

A closeup of the bottle! One of the things that I love about this foundation is that it does not flake. I have had troubles with this in other foundations/cover ups, but the Fit Me, I was pleasantly surprised by the durability. The wearing time before it starts to fade or come off is roughly 2 hours for me personally, although different people will most likely have different results 🙂 The texture is quite creamy and smooth, and it really does hide pores like it claims. Once it dries, the appearance is matte like it says, which I really appreciate. It gets rid of any shiny skin problems 🙂

photo 5 (30)

This is the color on my skin before I rub it in.

photo 2 (42)

This is a photo of me after I used the foundation, no filters or touch up used 🙂 The only other makeup I have on my face is the LA Colors Peach Rose blush, so you can really see the affect of just the foundation.

Hope you enjoyed! Overall I would give this foundation 4.5 stars out of 5, the only cons being that the staying time on this product could stand to be longer, and it can be a little hard to wash off at the end of the day. These are problems that a lot of foundations have, though, so it’s not a huge deal 🙂



Fashion Inspiration-The 60’s

Good afternoon loves!

I love looking back on different eras for fashion inspiration, and in my opinion, the 60’s were quite the time for style. The flippy hair, short dresses, bold prints, bell bottoms, mismatched patterns, etc…

There were definitely two opposite sides to 60’s fashion. The early 60’s were more in favor of the 50’s, while the later 60’s was where the fun and funky came in.

While there is no way that I would dress identical to 60’s trends way back when, there are some great ideas and looksd that we can steal to add some spice to our everyday outfits.



This photograph contains so much lightheartedness and fun, not to mention their totally boss sense of style. The hats are fabulous, not to mention the cuts of their dresses.

images (5)

Those sunglasses though. The 60’s were definitely the era for big and bold sunglasses, in plenty of different shapes.


I’ve noticed a lot of vertical stripes going on, along with the other prints, and they really stand out. Striped always flatter a complexion, especially vertical, as they give the illusion of a long, thing figure.



60’s inspired runway fashions are shown here. I feel like Blumarine did a wonderful job bringing out the elements of the late 60’s here, with the short, color blocked dresses and matching boots, in a much less form fitting shape. I especially like the dress on the far right, it really does justice to the era with the crochet texture and eye catching solid color.


Yellow seems to have been a really popular color in that decade, which I love, especially with it also being favored on and off runways this past spring.



Houndstooth and the man’s high necked shirt. The lace up boots, the coat and shaggy bangs really screams “very late 60’s,”  possibly even early 70’s.


Another trend that I have noticed in almost all of these photos is the kitten heels. They are so dainty and sweet, and add a more reserved sense to the outfits.

For me, the two biggest style icons for the 60’s are, quite obviously, Audrey Hepburn, although the other one is actually a quite popular singer from today, as well as one of my personal favorites…Lana Del Rey. She takes elements from this era and transforms them to have a more modern tone, although her beautiful music and gorgeous outfits are still full of the 60’s vibe. (If you want to hear an example, my two personal favorites are Diet Mountain Dew and Young and Beautiful)



This dress is more form fitting then most in the 60’s, but the shoes and the hair add the touches necessary to complete the look 🙂




I love this look so much. The fur skirt is so funky, but the sophisticated jacket and peplum top tie it all together.


images (61) (62)


This look reminds me of something that a tennis player would wear. And those chairs. I want one.

images (63)




I really love this outfit and feel like it is something that I would wear. Not to mention I have never seen a grown woman pull of pigtails so well. Gorgeous!




Both of these photos have such a whimsical yet mysterious feel to them. I love the backgrounds, they truly make me want to live in the 60’s! Her dresses are gorgeous, the soft pastels add such a relaxed feeling.




Lana Del Rey really is a 60’s fashion icon.

After studying all of these photographs, I have collected some clothing pieces that I feel reflect the vibes of the 60’s, while still having a modern feel to them.



Striped Overall Shorts-F21-$25

To buy these, click here


Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses-ASOS-$18.50

To buy these funky shades, click here



Laddered Cut-Out Shift Dress-F21-$19.90

To buy this, click here


Clashist Sand Are Shift Dress-F21-$135

To buy this crazy creation, click here


Crepe Shift Dress-F21-$22.80

To buy this more reserved piece, click here

download (34)

Lauren Ralph Lauren Floppy Sunhat-Lord & Taylor-$15.75

To buy this, click here

download (35)

The Music Seen Sunglasses-Modcloth-$14

To by these rounded specs, click here

download (36)

Houndstooth Puff Sleeve Overcoat-Melodic Day-$50

To buy this, click here

$_35 (1)

Bow Toe Kitten Heels-Ebay-$42

To buy these dainty creations, click here


Pointed Toe Lace up Kitten Heels-Jolly Chic-$61

To buy, click here


Bell Sleeve Blouse-F21-$15.80

To buy this, click here


Lace up Tall Gladiator Sandals-Charlotte Russe-$36

To buy these groovy lace ups, click here


Hope you enjoyed and got some helpful 60’s style tips! 🙂







The #IWokeUpLikeThis Tag

Hey lovelies!


To follow up on my “confident body image” post from yesterday, I decided to make this tag, the #IWokeUpLikeThis Tag, to help prove to the world just how beautiful everybody is in their own unique way, except I’m taking it a step further. You are beautiful even without makeup or filters. 

For those of you who don’t know what a tag is, I or somebody else will nominate you and your blog for this “tag,” and you answer the questions that I have created, and nominate it to 5+ other bloggers that you love and think are beautiful. Except this time I’m adding something a little different…to everybody who gets this tag, you have to attach a picture of yourself without makeup. Just to show everybody that you are absolutely completely gorgeous without even trying. Not that I have anything at all against makeup, quite the opposite actually, I just think that people need to be more aware of the beauty surrounding them, with or without makeup on…in this instance without.

So to begin, I am nominating:

Make Me Up Marie

Cat Eyes Red Lips

Beautiful, Breakable

The World of Cos

Stephie Estie

The Electric Concept

Dream and Dazzle


Teacups and Tardises

And also, if you were not nominated but would like to participate, please please please feel welcome to accept the award…I want this tag to become as popular as possible because I think everybody deserves a chance to feel beautiful, with and without makeup, and if this helps even the tiniest bit, I WILL BE SO HAPPY.

To continue, her are the questions for you to answer:

1. What is your favorite thing about yourself, personality wise?

2. What is your favorite thing about your looks?

3. What is your least favorite thing about your personality?

4. What is your least favorite thing about your looks?

5. How many selfies do you think you take each week?

6. Who is the one person who always makes you feel beautiful?

7. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

8. Favorite desert?

9. Favorite drink?

10. Show me your makeup free selfie!! 😀

(Of course if you don’t feel comfortable posting a picture of yourself on the internet for privacy reasons, you can just answer the questions 😉 )

Now for my answers:

1. Probably my ability to let go of grudges, or always see the bright side of things (when I feel like it ;P )

2. This may sound weird but my lips…

3. My bad temper, but thankfully I can control it when I need to.

4. My knees or my nose.

5. Probably like 60…now how many of those do I keep? Um….probably 10 XD

6. My friend Sophie!

7. This is where I forget every single compliment I have ever received in my life. Maybe when my friend told me she was jealous of my looks…haha

8. Cheesecake!

9. Starbucks anything.

10. And here is my makeup free 10-minutes-after-I-woke-up selfie! 🙂

photo (12)

If you get this tag, please give credit to my blog for nominating you/creating the award so I can hopefully get more visitors here 🙂

I will leave a comment on your blog as soon as I can so that you can make sure to notice that you were nominated, and please do the same if you are nominating somebody.



How To Be Attractive

There are so many different ideas of beauty in today’s world, it can be confusing to keep up with the latest “what’s considered beautiful now.” It can depend on anything, from country to race to size. But should any of this matter? Absolutely not. Because guess what. You are lovely. And you are lovely. You are lovely. Hey you…you are lovely. That person over there…HI THERE!!! YOU ARE LOVELY! ALL OF YOU ARE LOVELY! WE ARE ALL LOVELY! Whether you be a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, an alien, an elf or a dwarf, hey maybe you are a hobbit or a fairy, who cares…cuz you are beautiful and perfect and just think about how lucky you are to have an amazing body that you can do so many things with. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like. Curly or straight. It doesnt matter what your skin looks like…black or brown or white or in-between or red or pink or purple or green or rainbow.  YOU. ARE. BLESSED. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. DON’T LET THEM HATERS TELLING YOU OTHERWISE GET TO YOU. Because I think that everybody deserves a chance to realize just how amazing they are, no matter what their face or body looks like. But remember, there is more to beauty then just a pretty face. It’s not just our outward beauty that we should focus on, since there is so much more to a human being then just looks. Just consider yourself lucky to be alive and on this amazing earth. YOU are worth being celebrated.

So here is how to be attractive, no matter who you are:

1. Go to the nearest mirror. 

2. Look at yourself and point out all your insecurities in your head.

3. Create a tiny little trash bin in your brain.

4. Toss all those insecurities in the garbage, to be taken to the nearest dump and thrown away to never be seen again.

5. Look at yourself again, now that those insecurities are elsewhere.

6. Realize how amazing it is that you have this perfect body the the good Lord blessed you with, ponder all the amazing things you can do with it, realize how spectacular that really is, and be thankful. Because while you are beautiful, there is more to you then just a pretty face, right? YOU ARE AMAZING.

Now take a chance to look at all these amazing beautiful people.

img-thing (8)

This girl? Totally stunning.


This girl? Gorgeous.




This lady is dazzling…look at that smile!


Slaying ittttt😍😍


Look at this beauty :O

images (59)

Positively glamorous, dontcha think?


Lovely ❤


Getting jealous here…

download (29)

This lady is perfect. Those eyebrows though…


Such a pretty little girl…look at that sweet smile 🙂

download (30)

Blinded by beauty :O





Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Nail Polish Review

Hey lovelies!

Hope that your week has been fabulous so far 🙂

Like I promised, here is my review for my new-favorite nail polish this spring, the Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors from Target.

photo 1 (39)

photo 2 (41)

photo 3 (37)

I have found that this brand of nail polish is surprisingly well made for the price ($1.99 each) and it goes on beautifully smooth. The polish usually lasts for 4 days without chipping, although with a top coat it has lasted over a week.

photo 4 (32)

The color is a mixture between a sky blue and a periwinkle, which is really the perfect shade for spring. I used two coats which was the perfect amount, it left it smooth and covered fully. The drying time is also amazingly quick, it took about 2 minutes. I love that this adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit, while not being too bright or distracting 🙂 I would definitely give this polish 5 stars!

photo 5 (29)

Selfie break ;P



P.s. These opinions were mine and mine only, this post was not sponsored by Sinful Colors or Target 🙂

May Favorites


Hello loves! Wow it has been so long since I’ve posted :O Apologies!

So May has come and gone, and I have found quite a few products that I loved this month, which I am sharing with you all today. Enjoy 🙂

photo (11)

1. Strawberry Lemonade Scented Candle-I love love love candles and this was the perfect scent to get me in that beginning-of-summer mood.

2. L.A. Colors Peach Rose Blush-I actually got this from the dollar store, so it was cheap, but I was incredibly attracted to the color and I love how it is kind of a mix between a bronzer and a blush because of the color. Here is a better picture of the color:


3. Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Nail Polish-I’m in love with this polish, it goes on amazingly smooth and is the perfect color for spring/summer, being a mix of of a periwinkle shade and sky blue. I’ll be doing a review of it later so you can see more pictures 🙂

4. Carmex Lip Balm-This really keeps my lips soft and moisturized while not being too glossy and sticky.

5. Rimmel London 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter-This concealer really is the exact color of my skin, I have it in Fair, and I love the little brush at the end to ensure that it goes on smoothly.

6. Neasporin-This is a weird thing to include in here but WHATEVER IT”S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHAT I WANT SO THERE HATERS…sry that got out of control. Anywayssss I have used this a lot for the past week to get rid of this little sore by my mouth, and it went away so quickly once I used this that I thought it deserved some credit here.

7. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter-Another weird thing to include in here but whatever it’s delicious and I love it. I can’t believe I lived without it for 13 1/2 years…..IMPORTANT UPDATE: I was informed by a commenter that I did not describe this cookie butter as it so deserved so here we go: Oh my goodness, THAT COOKIE BUTTER. THAT COOKIE BUTTER IS THE COOKIE BUTTER TO END ALL COOKIES AND BUTTERS. SOOOOO AMAZING GOOD.

8. Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation Body Mist-This is the perfect scent for summer, not too overpowering but it smells SO. GOOD. I love the combination of the tropical fruits and flowers in this body mist and instantly became my new favorite perfume 🙂